Galaxy A12 Camera – Upgraded Performance


Samsung Galaxy A12 is one of the most impressive handsets in the market. The gadget comes with a unique unibody construction with a curved plastic exterior. The device has an expanded fingerprint scanner, complete with capacitive, resistive and optical scanning facilities. The device is available in several color options including Black, Blue and White. The backside of the phone features a smooth gradient all over the entire unit, separating into two major parts with a slight bump at the centre. Galaxy A12

The battery life of this phone is very impressive with it lasting for about a week on normal usage. It has a capacity of Supporting 1700 mAH. There are also many unique user-friendly features in the galaxy a12 such as fast charging, android interface, music player and photo viewer etc. Samsung has also included a few unique handsets like the Galaxy Tab which comes with an intuitive interface and complete media functionality and the Galaxy Tab 2 which comes with an enhanced camera and a better screen.

The Galaxy A12 comes with a 16 mega pixel camera which is the main highlight of the device. It is capable of taking high resolution and crisp pictures. The handsets also support the Samsung apps preinstalled on the device and they include games like geo-caching, radio, social networking, TV and movie. In the video section there are two cameras with infrared capability for shooting high definition videos.

Samsung Galaxy A12 battery has a capacity of 1500 mAH and this is the maximum capacity for the device. The handsets have a great display with brightness of around 401 cd. When it comes to performance, the device scores above the expectations with the performance being comparable to that of the iPhone 5 and HTC Desire HD. The battery life of the handset is of twenty five hours and this includes the time when the device is on the auto-notification mode. The Galaxy A12 has the ability to support the Air Gesture feature which allows the users to launch a number of applications by just pressing on the touch screen. The handsets also support the interactive voice response system and this makes the user feel like he is talking to a real person.

Apart from the large and bright screen the front camera of the Galaxy A12 has an impressive fifteen megapixel resolution. The image processing abilities of the device are good enough for those who want to upload pictures of family members, friends and romantic occasions. The flash option is present but one has to use the camera button in order to turn on this feature. There are also some lag times in the video recording session and the sound quality is not very good.

The camera lens of the Galaxy A12 can be adjusted in different positions so that one can take different type of shots. It is capable of shooting in the normal level, small, medium and large size. The memory card of this camera has been preinstalled with Samsung’s Exynos 1.6 CPU. This is a quad core processor that helps in increasing the speed of the device and it also boosts up the graphics performance. To increase the power consumption of the device you can make the selection of the internal battery or choose the external battery that comes with the device.

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